We have a wonderful opportunity to make a difference in the NorCal League. As you probably followed in the new Northern California was devastated by fires that destroyed countless homes.  These events impacted the Annadel Composite HS, Cardinal Newman HS and others in the surrounding areas.  Please see details below, an email from Coach Hales of the Alta MTB team.

Parents and Friends:
Thank you for all of your support.  We had another amazing season and couldn't have done it without you.
One of the things that continually amazes us is how truly fortunate we are to live in a community with such terrific access to trails, political leadership that supports mountain biking, and generous families that give so freely of their time and resources.
We write to make an appeal to your generosity to support one of our fellow coaches, and her team, in northern California.
One of our parents reached out to Heather Shepherd, the coach of the Annadel Composite HS Mountain Bike Team, which supports athletes from all Santa Rosa (CA) city schools, as well as Analy High School, Cardinal Newman High School, and others, after the devastating fires in that area, to see if her team needed any help.  Coach Shepherd wrote back, very appreciative of the offer, and indicated that her team and students in fact have significant needs.
Specifically, three of her student athletes, and their families lost everything when their homes burned completely to the ground.  Therefore, she is in need of kits, helmets, gloves, and anything else we could donate.
If you are able or willing, she would love to get bike shorts and jerseys in the following sizes:
1) Student name: Xander; size: Medium top, Medium shorts
2) Student name: James; size: Large top, Large shorts.  
3) Student name: Max; size: Medium top, Medium shorts
Heather has also indicated that, because all of the trails on which they normally practice are covered in ash and will be inaccessible for the indefinite future due to the fires, she is hoping to raise money for 8-10 trainers at $219 each so she can set them up at a location where they can all do "group" rides together and prepare for the upcoming Northern California race season.
They also have a need for bikes.  James lost his bike when his family's home burned down, and they also lost their 3 team bikes, which were being stored at one of the coach's schools that burned down.
This is an incredible opportunity for us to show the Santa Rosa community what high school mountain biking in Utah is all about, and to really demonstrate the spirit of NICA.
Heather has set up the following GoFundMe account, and we invite you to give what you can, as quickly as you can, so that Heather can provide her kids with some hope and have a successful season.  The Annadel or "A" Team is having a team party on November 24th, so we'd like to be able to fund/deliver on all of her requests by then if possible.
Please bring whatever clothing or other items you can donate to our upcoming team banquets, and we will get them to the Alta parent for delivery to Coach Heather.
Thank you all for your kindness and support of our friends and colleagues who have suffered in these fires.
Warm regards,
Coach Steve Hales