High Star RaNch



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COURSE MARKED FOR PRE-RIDING: Course will be marked for pre-riding Friday, September 21.  Pre-riding will be open on Saturday, September 22 and Friday, September 28 from 3-7.  If you plan to pre-ride on a different date (the course will not be pre-marked and you will want to check out High Star on FaceBook or website to insure it is open to the public for riding. (they are hosting several trail events this summer and fall)

GATED BRIDGES: If pre-riding on a date that is not listed as a pre-ride date, the north and south bridges are gated and locked - do not climb over these gates or fence. You must enter and exit the course through the main trail entrance. See photo on right.

SKILLS TIPS: There are several non-bermed downhill switchbacks that have rock obstacles in them on the “HRS Climb” Trail. Please don’t slam on brakes and skid into these switchbacks and create a brake divit.


Click on the Map with mobile device to get directions



The EXPECTATION is that every parent/guardian will volunteer for the League at least ONCE per student per season. The great experience provided to student-athletes is only possible because of the contributions of over 200 volunteers at each race. Please learn more about the various volunteer positions on our website - most spots are about 4 hours.

  • Free hats for volunteers if helping at two races (while supplies last)

  • Paid parking positions

  • Free races and tires for select Staging & Course Marshal positions (see website)

  • Please click here to volunteer for Central Region Race 4.


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