High Star RaNch



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Course Info

Trail forks link is here.

Strava link is here

Trail list is the following:

  • Up Escalador

  • Down HSR Climb

  • Hard left Up Lazy Dazz

  • Down Graveyard

  • Sharp Left to Tombstone

  • There is a dirt road portion at the bottom, but gates will not be open unless it is a designated Pre-ride day. ( listed below)



COURSE MARKED FOR PRE-RIDING: Course will be marked for pre-riding Friday, September 21.  Pre-riding will be open on Saturday, September 22 and Friday, September 28 from 3-7.  If you plan to pre-ride on a different date (the course will not be pre-marked and you will want to check out High Star on Facebook or website to insure it is open to the public for riding.

GATED BRIDGES: If pre-riding on a date that is not listed as a pre-ride date, the north and south bridges are gated and locked - do not climb over these gates or fence. You must enter and exit the course through the main trail entrance. Further down the dirt fire road.

  • There are several non-bermed downhill switchbacks that have rock obstacles in them on the “HRS Climb” Trail. Please don’t slam on brakes and skid into these switchbacks and create a brake divit.

  • There are over 50 switchbacks ( very tight turns.) Your switchback skills will affect your times greatly. Here’s a video with some tips.



The EXPECTATION is that every parent/guardian will volunteer for the League at least ONCE per student per season. Please learn more about the various volunteer positions on our website - most spots are about 4 hours.

  • Team pit zone volunteer link

  • Free races and tires for select Staging & Course Marshal positions (see website)

  • Please click here for NICA volunteer list at the Kamas race.


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