We can't do it without you

As a volunteer led organization, Ride Leaders are the lifeblood of our organization. They are the generous parents and community members who love mountain biking enough to come out and ride with our team 2, sometimes 3 times a week through the Summer and Fall.  Many of our volunteers don’t even have riders on the team.  Every ride leader is trained through the NICA program in coaching technique and first aid. We are so grateful to each and every Ride Leader for showing up and making this team possible.


Ride Leader Hall of fame

Our team can not have practice with out our ride leaders. These people have come out week after week, year after year for 4 years or more. Their dedication to being there for us is the foundation that built our team on.  Their influence has formed our community. Their selfless donations of time and effort have put us forever in their debt. We couldn’t have such a large team impacting the lives of so many of our youth, without them. 


  • Chad Hoopes

  • Dave Lamping

  • Jamie Pogue

  • Terry Praag

  • Tyler Seamons

  • Ken Vance

  • Todd Williams

  • Ryan Bradley

  • Mike Pratt

  • Daniel Bowen

  • Keawe Naluai

  • Steve Saxton

  • Justin Harryman


  • Shane Burrows

  • Jill Cheney

  • Jeni Andersen

  • Paul Andersen

  • Zach Cutler

  • Steve Ellis

  • Curt Doman

  • Rosie Hancey

  • Troy Harris

  • Tim Morris

  • Rick Young

  • Ty Montalvo

  • Mikelyn Montalvo