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Have you volunteered to help our team yet? There are still just a few spots available to help on Raceday! We need you all to make things run smoothly. You can sign up to help here! Remember many hands make light work! IF you haven't ever been to a race, prepare to understand why we keep begging for help!


  • FRIDAY-you can pre-ride from 3-7pm ONLY. Please do not try to do so sooner out of respect for the league and their wishes. Please note that ONLY LEAGUE RIDERS and coaches can participate in official pre-rides. If you are a registered ride leader that counts but additional family members are not allowed on course. This is a new rule this year and will be enforced. Last year the pre-rides were too crowded and there were multiple injuries that were parents.

  • SATURDAY- RACE DAY WOOT WOOT!!! Please familiarize yourself with the race day bible so you are prepared and have a great day. It is going to be an amazing day! We will be providing breakfast snacks and lunch for each rider plus 2 people BUT you must RSVP how many (0,1,2) you are bringing with you or they won't be in our head count. We can't plan to feed 1000 people and only have 400 show up to eat. :) Thank you for respecting this and marking the snap for us.

  • TEAM MEETING ON RACE DAY IS AT 10:15. That means that you must be parked and shuttled to the pitzone by that time. Please plan accordingly. WE get important last minute info on race day in our coaches meeting and often times, you don't want to miss hearing us share it in team meeting.'s expected that riders are there to cheer their team on throughout the day.


Course: 5.81 miles with 476 ft elevation gain. 

Course Description: The course at Powder Mountain is one of the league’s most beautiful venues. The course is roughly 75% machine-cut singletrack with passing opportunities throughout. The course transitions between tree-covered, high alpine to open meadows multiple times throughout the 5.81 mile loop. The start is on a dirt road and funnels into singletrack within half a mile. The first singletrack section consists of fast, fun and flowy descending that is sure to put a smile on your face. At the halfway point comes a taste of wooded forest and meadows. You then hit a dirt road climb (be sure to take advantage of passing opportunities!), and connect back onto singletrack where you will gradually climb back up to the finish.

Varsity Boys, Varsity Girls,  Boys in JVA & JVB Only:  

These racers will follow singletrack at south end of course and NOT turn left onto the road. This adds an amazingly fun and technical section. Watch for “Varsity” course signs.

Junior Devos: will be completing one full lap (red line)




Registration closes on July 19th.  Students must be practice-ready and race-ready in the Pit Zone. We will NOT accept any registrations after that time. There is NO onsite registration.


  • Junior Devo call ups are randomized by calling in students based on the last digit of their number plate.

  • High School first race call ups are shown on the Category Placement Table, which can be found at  

  • Freshmen:  Head coaches will submit their top 1 rider in freshman categories for D1 & D2 teams for boys and girls.  We will randomize that list and call those students up with named call ups and then in groups of 10.  Then all the unlisted students will be called in randomly by the last digit on their number plate.

  • New Rider Divisions:  Head coaches will submit their top 1 rider for JVD D1 & JVC D2.  We will randomize the list and call those students up with named call ups and then in groups of 10.  The unlisted students will be called in randomly by the last digit on their number plate.