• We will have clothing sample sizes for the racers to try on bibs/shorts and Jerseys (Team uniform) They will need know their sizes when they register online.

  • Payment of team dues is required to complete the registration process.

registration checklist

1. Register  Click link at top of this page to register for the team, though Teamsnap. Thats where you will pay the team dues. You will get a confirmation email from Teamsnap when your registration is completed. NICA waivers need to be signed and turned in!

2. Place clothing order  Go to our DNA team store. Place your order for your team clothing. Racers chose the Men’s or Women’s athlete bundles. Jersey, bibs, T-shirt, Tech T, and hoodie are included in your team dues. USE CODE: cchs_athlete to eliminate the cost at check out. There are no substitutions. You are free to add any other items, costs are listed.

3. Sign your Club waiver These will be collected during registration night. If you can't get them done the night of registration you can scan and email them to headcoach@cchsmtb.com

4. NICA registration The fee for league membership and races is $280 for the year. They are required to be paid up front, there are no refunds for missed races. Click here for the pitzone. You will get a confirmation email after you register.  If you have been on any other team (middle school) use your existing pit zone login and you will be transferred to our team. If you are completely new to NICA it will take about a week before you are assigned to a team.

That's it -You are in

It can take up to a day to show on your Teamsnap App

You will get your Teamsnap notifications that will update you on skills training and pre-season activities. That will start happening at the end of next week.