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(Course flyers still have some old info and links)

The info bellow has been updated as of Friday August 24th 8:00PM


PRE-RIDING: As you are all aware, Snowbasin has an event this Friday 24th and Saturday 25th, and due to the course change, they have had to close all trails and have closed the resort.  The trails and resort will reopen on Sunday 26th -Thursday the 30th and again on Friday 31rst from 3PM-7PM.  If you want to go up and ride close by; Sardine, East Fork, Middle Fork, Wheeler and Maples Moose Loop are all open.  Remember, anytime you are pre-riding, the trails are open to the general public.

On Friday, August 31, pre-riding closes at 7:15pm. A sweep will go out at that time to sweep the full (not half) course. Pre-ride ending times the night before races were implemented in 2017 for safety reasons.

All Riders should be present for the team meeting at 9:30am in our pitzone.


WASPS: There was wasp infestation that you may have heard about.  Snowbasin had an exterminator up their and they pulled out a basketball size wasp nest that was on the trails we are racing on.  This has been taken care of, but please keep in mind that we are in high bee season.  If you have students that are highly allergic to bee or wasp stings, we ask that you please have them carry an epipen during their race.  As you know, we can't carry epipens and do not have them available. 

If you have a student that will be carrying an epipen, please have them visit the first aid tent prior to their race and we will put a bright glow green wrist band on them.  This tells us who has a epipen on them and if they are having a severe allergic reaction, we know to look to help them if needed.  I want to have a plan in place so that we can be proactive if this should become a problem.  


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Registration closes on July 20th.  Students must be practice-ready and race-ready in the Pit Zone. We will NOT accept any registrations after that time. There is NO onsite registration. The separate Snowbasin waiver must be signed before racing. This waiver has been sent to the PARENT 1 email in the Pit Zone via Docusign. Those emails were sent about a week ago.



Snowbasin is our home race for Corner Canyon High School.  That means we, along with other schools, are expected to provide the bulk of the NICA volunteers for this race. Please step up and help out. Learn more about the various volunteer positions on the NICA website - most spots are about 4 hours.

  • Please click here for the list of NICA volunteer positions for the Snowbasin race

  • For the list of our Chargers pitzone volunteers click here or email Julia Seamons @

  • Free races and tires for select Staging & Course Marshal positions (see website)