Soldier Hollow Race Flyer


Central region pre-ride is 10am - 7pm on Thursday, August 16 and 3pm-7pm on Friday, August 17th.  You may not pre-ride at any other times without approval due to safety concerning roller skiers on course.

You may contact Soldier Hollow to set up an additional pre-ride date for your team, but you may be asked to pay a participation fee. We have covered the fee for the pre-ride days listed above, but will not cover any fees that are requested by the property owner if you are asked to pay.   (Note: because this is private property, parts of the course are not mowed until we pre-mark.)


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  • Registration closes on July 20th.  Students must be practice-ready and race-ready in the Pit Zone. We will NOT accept any registrations after that time. There is NO onsite registration.

  • Students must complete the online waiver, click here for the link.



  • High School call ups based on overall scoring from 2017 and named call ups according to pre-registration field sizes

  • Freshmen: Before the first race, each head coach will submit a list of their top 3 freshmen, boys and girls. We will randomize that list and call those students up with named call ups and then in groups of 20. Then all the unlisted students will be called in randomly by the last digit on their number plate.



If a racer field size is more than 100, the field will race in 2 or more heats. The maximum racers in each heat will be 100. The heats will be split into equal numbers of racers and staged according to overall points. If the total number of racers is odd, the second heat will include the extra racer. For example, if 123 racers are in a field the first heat (A) will include 61 racers and the second heat (B) will include 62 racers.


All categories will be staged according to overall placement, as per Rulebook and following the same structure as in previous years. *Category pre-registered numbers are posted on the detailed schedule of the race flyer (see above) - please check race flyer for your category field size to determine staging & call ups.

Heat A (first half of group)

1- Start Line Call Ups will take place first, according to Rule 6.13, top 20 students will be called by name to enter the staging area.

2- Remaining A-heat athletes are called to enter the staging area in groups of twenty. For example, if there are 120 D1 JV boys, the next group to enter staging are athletes placed overall 20-40th, then 40-60th and 80th-100th.

Heat B (second half of group)

3- Athletes are called to enter in groups of 20, according to overall placement. In the above example, after Heat A is staged, we then call 61-80 to enter the B Heat staging area, then 80-100, and finally 100-120.




Remember the really cool volunteer hats?  Well, they are back! We have a limited supply and will give them to anyone who volunteers at 2 or more events until supplies run out.  Please help us put on an amazing race for your student athletes!

The EXPECTATION is that every parent/guardian will volunteer for the League at least ONCE per student per season. The great experience provided to student-athletes is only possible because of the contributions of over 150 volunteers at each race. Please learn more about the various volunteer positions on our website - most spots are about 4 hours.

  • Free hats for volunteers that support 2 or more races (1 per volunteer while supplies last)

  • Paid parking positions

  • Free races and tires for select Staging & Course Marshal positions (see website)

  • Please click here to volunteer for Central Region Race 1.

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