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So you have questions? We've got answers


Who are the Corner Canyon Chargers and what is NICA? 

Is mountain biking a sanctioned high school sport?

  • The CCHS Mountain Bike Team is operated as an athletic club team for Corner Canyon High School.  Like other club sports such as lacrosse, we are recognized by CCHS as a team under the Athletics Club Sports. Athletes are eligible to "Letter" in Mountain Biking and the team and athletes are fully recognized by the school.  As a Club, all coaches and other supporting staff are volunteers and all costs are covered by community sponsorships, donors, and team fees.  We represent CCHS as athletes and ambassadors for sportsmanship.  

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So can I letter in this program? 

  • Yes, the criteria is as follows:


  • Any 1st Place finish

  • 2 podium finishes (Top 10 for boys, Top 5 for girls)

  • Overall Season Podium

  • State Championship Podium

  • All Varsity Racers (must compete in 4/5 races).


  • Accumulate 7 top 20 finishes (boys) or 7 top 10 finishes (girls)

  • Compete in at least 12 races

  • Participate and race in each of 4 years

  • Team Captains

3. To earn a letter all student athletes must also:

  • Maintain and meet all grade criteria (2.8 GPA)

  • Meet all attendance and community service requirements

*Races cancelled by the league will be counted as a race for all current active team members.

Can my business sponsor your team?

  • Absolutely! Visit our sponsor page for more details on sponsorship levels and benefits.

How do you decide who is on the team? 

  • Our leagues ( NICA) guidelines state that our teams are inclusive. There are no try outs. We will accept any fitness, endurance or skill level. We have ride groups that practice at all levels. We train in those groups for 5 races that happen in various locations in the state.

So are there team requirements then?

  • Yes, you need to register online and pay the team dues. Registration will be open starting after the sign up meeting. You must maintain a 2.8 GPA or above for the last quarter of the 2019 year as well as the rest of the season (November). You need to have a mountain bike, helmet, and spare tube. ( Basic repair equipment) Obey team rules and have respect for all out volunteers.

Who actually runs the team?

  • The teams Head Coach is Whitney Pogue. She is supported by 10 assistant coaches that are involved in working with race volunteers and ride leading practices, to race day food and award banquets.

As a parent what does my level of involvement have to be?

  • Our team has over 160 racers and is more complex then many small businesses. We need help with food organization and prep, race day set up, feed zone on race day, ride leading practices, photography, logistics, fundraising, equipment organization... the list goes on and on. We have categories to select as part of the registration process. We look forward to your help and making more friends on the way.

Once the riders are on the team how is communication handled?

  • During the registration process riders and parents fill out or use previous IDs through the team snap platform. You decide how you would like to get your notifications. Emails, text, or push updates are sent to update/remind you and or your racer of all the team activities from practices to races and everything in between. We have an email list that we use as well as this website. Add yourself our private Facebook page and follow us on Instagram. (link is at the foot of the page)


Ride Leaders

What qualifications do I need to have as a ride leader? 

  • Our racers are at all skill levels, we need ride leaders at all levels as well. There are 2 ride leader training sessions before the season starts. These clinics include risk management, skills and concept explanations as well as physical riding. Charges for these clinics are paid for by the team. NICA has a certification by way of skills clinics. These are run by NICA league as well as by our team for your convenience. We encourage all our ride leaders to get certified.

How often are practices and do I have to be at all of them?

  • There are usually 3 practices as week starting in June. All of them take place at 6:30 am until the school year starts. Then they change to evenings. There is no minimum requirement for practices, if you can only make 1 a week or 1 per month we are glad to have you. We have 14+ ride groups that use 1-3 ride leaders per group, so we need 25-35 ride leaders just to hold practice. This is one of the most difficult things to manage, so please add your name to the list to join us. Your skills will improve too! Riding with the kids is a lot of fun!