The Chargers have an open registration (no tryouts) and a "no bench" rule, everybody rides, everybody races. That means if you want to race mountain bikes with us, the only few requirements are: 

  1. Must be a CCHS 9-12 student in the 2018-19 school year.  We are unable to accept charter school or home schooled students.

  2. Register April 9th, complete paperwork, complete online registration, pay registration fees

  3. Be committed to the team.

Ultimately, if you want to ride and race,  we ask that you be dedicated. If your goal is just to finish your first race, we’ll give you the same amount of support as if you’re riding to stand on top of the podium. 


Due to our amazing local sponsors, a large portion of the costs have been covered. That said, competitive high school mountain bike racing is not cheap, and since this is not a sanctioned high school sport, the team members and their parents are required to pick up the balance. 

The costs to be part of Chargers MTB is broken down into team fees, league fees and personal expenses. 

Team Fees

$450 Team Registration Fee

A one-time (per year) registration fee to the Corner Canyon Cycling that covers the following: 

  • Team Kit (jersey & shorts)

  • Chargers Swag Pack (t-shirt, tech tee, hoodie,water bottles...oh yeah!)

  • League Team Registration Fees

  • Coaches’ Registration Fees

  • Coaches’ Training

  • Training / Conditioning / Clinics

  • Race Day Support

  • Team Dinners/Parties

  • Year-End Banquet & Awards

League Fees

$280 NICA registration and Race Fees

This is a change from previous years. There was a registration fee for NICA and then you can pay race fees over time. This year will be the first that payment is made all at once. This happens on the Pitzone ( NICAs league registration portal) The fee covers league registration and all 5 races. This fee should be paid as soon as possible, riders can’t practice with the team until it is paid.

Personal Equipment Expenses

The following items are required for all riders on the team. Fortunately, most of the times can be used for multiple seasons and/or passed along to other family members.  Some first-year team members were able to ride a family member's bike before they committed to purchasing their own. All riders must complete a bike and equipment check with one of the coaches or team managers prior to participating on the team.

$1,000 - 1,500+  Mountain Bike (before student discount*)

Where to even start. Let's just say that solid, performant cross-country mountain bikes are not cheap (sit down for this one: high-end bikes go for as much as $12,000!) Fortunately, it is entirely feasible for a rider to nab a spot on the podium without spending much more than $1,200-1,500 on a cross country bike. Yes, that's still a lot of Benjamins, but in the long view, it's a drop in the bucket.  

Most all of the coaches are long-time mountain bike fanatics, most of whom have spent a considerable amount of time research and riding a wide range of bikes, brands, sizes, styles, etc. If you don't already have a bike, or if you are uncertain as to whether the bike you plan to ride is suitable, spend time talking with multiple people, collecting opinions and recommendations before you find yourself making an overly spontaneous decision at the local bike shop.

Speaking of local bike shops, we are fortunate to have an amazing sponsor bike shop Hangar 15 Bicycles,  packed with highly experienced and knowledgeable employees and mechanics. 

* Students are eligible for 15-25% discounts from Specialized, Scott, Trek, and Cannondale brands. (NICA pricing) That's huge! We'll have a price list in the registration packet.

$50-200+  Equipment & Supplies

Helmets are mandatory. Clipless shoes and pedals are highly recommended. You must be self sufficient. That means a spare tube, multi-tool, hand pump, water bottle / hydro pack, etc. As with any sport, the range of price, quality, style, etc. varies greatly, so if you are somewhat new, a coach or experienced team member will be happy to walk you through gear specifics and  suggestions.