That was fun, now what? 


I had a great season, I don't want to loose my fitness, and I would like to be even stronger for next year, so what are my options?  

There are a few options listed below, but before that, know that you need to take a break.  Endurance sports require a couple weeks to a couple of months off. Time off is decided your coach, goals, and level of fitness. Speak to one of our coaches for more direction. 

There are are a few programs that we are partnered with that we recommend. There will also be information added regarding Rouleur and Hangar 15 Devo programs that will have PRO XCT ( National race series) as well as club based local racing focused on Mid week and ICUP racing. These programs are used by all NICA racers, not just CCHS, and are the foundation for the fastest racers in the country.


Spin class instructors are all coaches and ride leaders for the CCHS program. Classes will be filled with your team members.

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Perfect for Ride leaders